Feeling the love with Impish Lee…oh la la….

As women,  we take on many roles, mother, spouse, employee or employer but at the end of the day we should take care of our own needs. Women are the backbone to the family, the center that keeps everyone together. This is tough role especially for those who may be fighting an illness like cancer. It can all be quite overwhelming.  A day can mean no shower no makeup and possibly wearing the same outfit from the day before because there is no time to peruse the closet. Save that for date night with the hubby…or wait date night means making sure the kids are fed and ready for bed when the sitter arrives. Also it means having the husband asking for fashion advice on his outfit. It may  leave time for a quick make up job and throwing on a dress with heels that gosh darn it the heels have to be repaired on the bottom. Oh well who will notice right? Well don’t even get started on the underwear draw. What middle age woman has time to shop for lingerie? To have to find something beautiful that fits well and is possibly comfortable too can be quite difficult. The department stores may be out of the special size or the colors are just not right that are in season, who wears bright yellow underwear anyhow?

Well that is where the ladies of Impish’ Lee step in. They are here to ease the burden of finding a quality made bra. They can introduce the idea of a custom sheer robe for a woman to feel beautiful in during those private ten minute tea breaks on a sunday afternoon. Impish Lee is a completeimages-8.jpegly customizable intimates line that allows women to take ownership of their lingerie needs. A woman is in control of choosing the design, lining, fabric, trims, (and get this) even bra sizes! Yes, bras that are custom made to fit you not for you to fit them. The bra sizes range from 28A to 40J. No more having to special order from the department store or become frustrated while searching the piles of bra sizes in the drawers at certain mainstream lingerie stores, no names need to be mentioned.
The pieces are made in the United States out of New York proper.  The creators are sisters Kali and Noelle. The ladies both have an education to back up their credentials having both attended design and art school. The designs of course created by the customer online, once the purchase has been made the order is then sent to the studio where the two sisters create the custom pieces. The patterns, fabric and size are all cut in the same space where the final stages of sending the package off is completed.

Brand Owners Kali and Noelle


Here is how the process works.. a client can go to the page and choose what silhouette they would like to work with, they can choose a

Custom making process…such fun!

skin tone, and what type of piece they think makes the most sense for their lifestyle. Once these steps are made then the next phase is where the true fun begins. A variety of fabric and trim choices are organized in tiny windows next to the specific silhouette chosen. A customer clicks on a window for trim or fabric Then they click the area on the silhouette that is wearing the pieces they chose and the piece is instantly transformed.

The best part about this brand is each piece is unique and no one has the same color combination/trim. It is also made by hand with care and passion by Kali and Noelle. The two sisters are quite busy as their brand is growing. Their instagram page is beautiful with pictures depicting women poised elegantly in sample pieces. The pictures are taken by brand owner Kali who has a background in photography.

Soft no wire bralette a must for breast cancer survivors.

For breast cancer survivors who need comfort, softness, and coverage there are two bralettes that would work perfect, per suggestion made by Kali. How
fun it  would be to create your own piece after having reconstruction surgery to celebrate the next stage to healing. Also, the ladies do have a men’s gift buying guide so in case husbands or significant others are wanting to join in on the creative fun they will not be completely lost in the process.

These ladies have a well thought out brand that honors women!  We love this brand for loving all women. These ladies are dedicated to reviving the idea every woman is sexy taking away the notion one size fits all, because that is simply not true. Help spread the word and check out impish lee on instagram and their website www.impishlee.com. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter too because flash sales do occur on occasion and besides it is always nice to hear how brands as wonderful as this one are doing. xoxo