This is Hulabelle Resortwear.


As I am sitting here writing, trying to think of a few words that fully embody who and what Hulabelle Resortwear is, I find myself delightfully overwhelmed. There are too many words and trying to implement them into one perfect phrase is impossible. I then realize Hulabelle Resortwear is that indescribable phrase. Hulabelle Resortwear is strong but compassionate, humble but brave, curious but powerful, and there really is no way to put all those amazing qualities (and so much more) into a single phrase other than—Hulabelle Resortwear.


As someone with breast cancer, it is simple to say I’ve had my hardships, but in no way do those hardships define who I am. In reality, though it may be cliché, those hardships have made me stronger. We all fall but getting up from that fall with confidence, positivity, and hope is the most important thing you can do. There is and will always be that silver lining no matter what. I’m so entirely grateful to be able to share my strength and positivity through something as simple and beautiful as resortwear. We all deserve to feel empowered and we all deserve to be comfortable in our own skin. And, that’s truly what Hulabelle Resortwear is all about.


As I begin my next chemotherapy chapter this week, I also began to reflect on the “gets.” I get to have chemotherapy, I get to have a loving family to surround me, and I get to have an amazing resortwear brand full of loving supporters. When you change your “haves” to “gets” you’ll realize just how blessed we all are and, in realizing those blessings, it opens up a whole new world of positivity. So, live every day in positivity, remember your “gets” and how blessed you are to be here. Go out and spread your power, spread your compassion, and spread your love. Spread your Hulabelle Resortwear.