Where do I belong?

I am just returning from a long weekend with my family. We went to our favorite ski town Park City to play in the snow for a couple of days. As we start our journey home however the thought process of plans for next week are entering our conversation. I need to take my car into the shop, pick up our dogs from the pet sitters, start to plan filing our taxes….oh and one more thing, I have another infusion of immunotherapy this week.

That thought has hit me like a ton of bricks. I have had two weeks of energy and feeling ‘normal’ and even though this is not like the chemotherapy it still impacts my body.

I told my husband I live my life, feel healthy, love being able to do the things I need to do…yet a reminder always sneaks in every so often. The doctors appointments, scans, and treatments deflate me from time to time.

I should be thankful to have the treatment and to be where I am at this point. Yet who would want to have to be snapped back to this reality?

It seems just as I am getting off the ground running I am told to hold back I need that check in.

Will this ever end? No sadly my life will always have this constant reminder that I need to have check ups, scans, and treatment. This is the fact of being Stage IV.

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