Dana Dinerman is a swimVersion 2wear designer, fashion writer, breast cancer survivor, mother, and southern California native. In 2011 while Dana was celebrating her son’t first birthday she would discover a 2cm lump in her breast. She went for an opinion and at first it was thought to be a clogged milk duct however, the lump seemed to be growing and did not go away. She would be diagnosed with Stage 3 Interductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. She had to undergo surgery and removed the breast, had six months of intense chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. About three months after she finished her treatments Dana would have a set back and find a lump in her neck. The pathology would come back as breast cancer to the neck lymph nodes. Dana was not given the option of surgery and had to undergo three months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation to the neck. The cancer would disappear and Dana would be able to heal finally from her battle. As she healed she discovered not a lot of options for swimwear while shopping for a trip. She did her research found there were only so many options for women who have had mastectomies and decided to create a designer line. The swimsuits made a hit with many breast cancer survivors and Dana’s line as been featured on multiple blogs, news stations and press posts. Dana also decided to research brands that could help breast cancer survivors feel beautiful as they are going through treatment. Dana likes to research mainstream brands, interview them, and write about their product. D’Curve is the blog about these brands and Dana posts her blog on many sites dedicated to breast cancer survivors nationwide. If you are a brand that would like to help out survivors please email Dana directly and she would love to set up a meeting for an interview. Dana’s brand Hulabelle Swimwear and fashion blog d’curve is about giving hope and light to those affected by breast cancer. She would love to make it so when a woman is diagnosed she does not feel as if she isolated from the world and can live each day beautiful, inspired, and hopeful!