Saying Good-bye

My child needs help. We have been working with school specialists, teachers, doctors, and researching the internet for resources on how to help him achieve success in his learning disability. This year has been much more fruitful than the previous when it has come to support from his teacher and I have seen his confidence build. You may be asking what is wrong with your child? Well he has dyslexia.  It seems about 3 million cases are recognized each year in the United States according to Mayo Clinic.   How does one get help for dyslexia? It can vary depending upon the child. We are still learning about it ourselves as our son’s parents. This is where I feel quite helpless because I don’t understand dyslexia, I know what it means, yet I am learning there are sub groups and that each person needs to be tutored differently.


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In fact, he is in 2nd grade, ending the school year in just about a month, and is reading at the 1st grade level.  We do read each night from picture books to novels which I read to him. His comprehension is astounding. He retains information so well to the point he can explain the story weeks later or information that was given to him. I am thankful that I love to read and especially aloud because this has been useful with helping him.

Unfortunately, our way to help our son is to move schools.  My son has been attending his school since before Kindergarten.  It is a private school located in San Diego. The grades go from preschool all the way to 12th grade. Initially, our goal was to see him graduate from this school. I am a big believer in stability. I was hoping he would grow up with his fellow classmates and develop a sense of community, which gives so much confidence. Yet, we have discovered the school is not able to help him to the extent he needs. We have depleted the available resources which are not vastly improving his deficiencies.  The positive, this year the school has been very helpful in guiding us down the right path. In fact, his 2nd grade teacher came to the recent assessment meeting to push for the right testing. We know moving him to a public school is where he will hopefully receive all the right resources for dyslexia. In particular his type of dyslexia.

Yet…saying good-bye to his friends and the community he has grown to love…this is difficult. He has expressed to me how much he is going to miss his friends, the campus, his favorite teachers, music class, art class…the list goes on. The people who work with my son each day the principal to the nurse have all grown to love him. I told him he should be proud of himself….for he made those friendships I had nothing to do with it. I can understand why he is having a difficult time as four years is a really long time for a child. IMG_2808

In just 28 more days we say good-bye. He has asked for reassurance that he will get to see his friends even after he leaves. He is asking for playdates and to keep the lines of communication open. I am thankful for social media as I do get to keep up with the parents of his friends on these sites yet I am quite bad at keeping relationships. I will have to try hard for him. I did tell him that he will start to feel better about his friendships once he is at the new school. I asked him what is his plan on making new friends when at the new school? His response…”I am going to get a ball from the teacher at recess and start my own game and I know kids will want to play and I will invite them to join me.” Such confidence. I think he is going to be ok…I have to remind myself of that..he is capable he has shown me this before so many times. The mommy worries need to go away. It is time to cut the cord and let my son figure out this life lesson. Of course I will be there for him with any questions, concerns, bumps or bruises. As they say you are only a kid for short while, you are a parent forever. xoxo

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